Gippsland Armed Forces Museum

ArmedForcesMuseum 002Location: Lyons Cr. West Sale Aerodrome Vic , Fulham, Victoria, Australia 3850. The museum is located at the former WW2 RAAF Aerodrome. No. 3 BAGS Bombing & Gunnery School and AGS Air Gunnery School.

Phone: (03) 5144 5500

The Gippsland Armed Forces Museum was opened in December 2003 by a committee established in the year 2000.

The Gippsland Armed Forces Museum’s objectives are:

  • To preserve Gippsland’s Military Heritage
  • To provide the means to display and highlight the role played by Gippslanders in our Defence Forces both in peace and in war.

The Gippsland Armed Forces Museum is a non profit organisation and is level 1 accredited with Museums Australia.

Note: The photos below are from the museum’s previous home in Sale.

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The Gippsland Armed forces museum were recently awarded a Certificate of Merit at the Philip Island and East Gippsland Discovery Tourism awards in the Heritage and Cultural Tourism category.

The Museum features many photographs, stories and displays detailing Gippsland’s military involvement in times of war and peace. See photographs of the many “local boys” who served and also maps and photographs showing just how close enemy forces came to our region!

When you plan to visit the Museum, be sure to allocate at least 2 hours. There are many many things to see including photographs, uniforms, medals, aircraft parts etc. There are many stories outlined with photographs, maps and pictures and if you don’t allocate enough time to browse your way through there are many things you’ll simply miss.

There are separate rooms allocated to “Dad’s War Stuff” (an award winning exhibition), the Vietnam War, Women in the military, Sale RAAF and more.

“Dad’s War Stuff” was originally located in Morwell and the award winning exhibition is now part of the Gippsland Armed Forces Museum. It features George Auchterlonie from the 8th Australia Lighthorsemen Regiment who served in Egypt, Sinai, and Palestine during World War I.

The Gippsland Armed Forces Museum includes a Research Library where you can search through family histories, books and logs. A computer is also available for electronic searching.

The museum is open every Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday and at other times by appointment.