History of the Wetlands

The Lakes, rivers and marshes of Gippsland teemed with wildlife and provided an abundance of food for the local aborigines before the settlement of Sale and surrounding areas.. They acted as a nursery for birds, fish and invertebrates. Sale Common was proclaimed in 1863, it had included a large area of swamp land but during the next one hundred years it was burnt and cleared for stock grazing.

Today the wetlands have been recognised as an important part in the purifying of water and as flood modifiers in the region. It is now possible to see the marshes and Wetlands as they once might have been.

On visiting the Wetlands you may see migratory birds from as far away as Japan. You will have the opportunity to appreciate the varied bird life and experience the Gippsland Wetlands ecosystem.

The boardwalk (built by a youth employment scheme) provides an excellent opportunity to observe the wetlands while you walk your way through a variety of habitats, from the edge of the swamp, past islands and reed beds.

From there, a walking tracks lead you through woodlands and grasslands, along the Flooding Creek Track, passing through Red Gum woodlands and ending near the Latrobe River.

30% of the Sale Wetlands is made up from River Red Gum woodland and introduced grasslands, supporting a variety of animals, and birdlife. The Long Waterhole, is an area of permanent deep water and is an ideal habitat for fish, providing food for birds.

Much of the Sale Common is a freshwater marsh which can become dry during periods of insufficient rain. Lakes Guthridge and Guyatt also form part of the Sale Wetlands.

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Fauna Noted at the Sale Wetlands
Australasian Bittern Darter Laughing Kookaburra Sacred ibis
Australasian Grebe Drown Goshawk Little Bittern Sacred Kingfisher
Australasian Shoveler Dusky Moorhen Little Black Cormorant Satin Flycatcher
Australian Hobby Dusky Woodswallow Little Eagle Scarlet Robin
Australian Kestrel Eastern Rosella Little Egret Sharp-tailed Sandpiper
Australian Magpie Eastern Spinebill Little Grassbird Shining Bronze-Cuckoo
Australian Magpie Lark Eastern Yellow Robin Little Pied Cormorant Silver Gull
Australian Pelican Eurasian Coot Magpie Goose Silvereye
Australian Raven Eurasian Tree Sparrow Maned Duck Southern Boobook
Australian Shelduck European Goldfinch Marsh Harrier Spotted Turtle-Dove
Azure Kingfisher European Greenfinch Masked Lapwing Straw-necked Ibis
Baillon’s Crake Fan-tailed Cuckoo Mistletoebird Striated Pardalote
Barn Owl Feral Pigeon Musk Duck Striated Thornbill
Black Swan Flame Robin Musk Lorikeet Stubble Quail
Black-faced Cuckoo-shrike Glossy ibis New 1-lolland Honeyeater Sulphur-crested Cockatoo
Black-fronted Plover Golden Whistler Noisy Miner Superb Fairy-wren
Black-shouldered Kite Golden-headed Cisticola Pacific Black Duck Tawny Frogtnouth
Black-winged Stilt Great Cormorant Pacific Heron Tree Martin
Blue-billed Duck Great Crested Grebe Painted Snipe Varied Sittella
Brown Falcon Great Egret Pallid Cuckoo Weebill
Brown Quail Greenshank Peaceful Dove Welcome Swallow
Brown Thornbill Grey Butcherbird Peregrine Falcon Whiskered Tern
Buff-banded Rail Grey Currawong Pied Cormorant Whistling Kite
Cape Barren Goose Grey Fantail Pied Currawong White-bellied Sea-Eagle
Cattle Egret Grey Shrike-thrusli Pink-eared Duck White-browed Scrubwren
Chestnut Teal Grey Teal Purple Swamphen  
Clamorous Reed Warbler Hardhead Rainbow Lorikeet WHoneyeaterhite-eared Hbneyeater
Collared Sparrowhawk Hoary-headed Grebe Red Wattlebird White-faced Heron
Common Blackbird House Sparrow Red-browed Firetail White-fronted Chat
Common Myna Intermediate Egret Red-capped Plover White-throated Needletail
Common Skylark Latliams Snipe Red-necked Stint Willie Wagtail
Common Starling   Richard’s Pipit Ye I low-billed Spoonbill
Crescent Honeyeater   Royal Spoonbill YeIlow-rumped Thornbill
Crimson Rosella   Rufous Night heron Yellow Thornbill
    Rufous Whistler Yellow-faced White-browed Woodswallow
Common Blue-tongued Lizard Common Froglet
Common Long-necked Tortoise Green and Golden Grass Frog
Delicate Skink Peron's Tree Frog
Garden Skink Southern Brown Tree Frog
Grass Skink Spotted Marsh Frog
Lowland Copperhead Striped Marsh Frog
Red-bellied Black Snake Verreauxs Tree Frog
Tiger Snake    
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Flora Noted at the Sale Wetlands
Austral crane’s-bill Common centauty Jimmy’s shining peppermint Silver wattle
Bangalay Downy dodder-laurel Lightwood Small loosestrife
Birchwood Drooping mistletoe Long-flower mistletoe Spike wattle
Black wattle Dwarf mallow Manna gum Spreading waffle
Burgan Early black wattle Musky heron’s-bill Swamp paperbark
Carolina mallow Forest red gum Prickly tea-free Swamp gum
Centaury Golden spray Red inulfoil Sweet wattle
Cinquefoil Grassland crane’s-bill River red gum Yertchuk
Coast manna gum Heath tea-free Running marsh flower Wooly tea-bee
Coast wattle Hedge wattle Salt lawrencia Yellow box
Common boobialla Hop goodenia Shiny swamp mat White clover Narrow-leaf vetch
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